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Why do they take selfies? - Yowamushi Cosplay by Natsumi-angel
Why do they take selfies? - Yowamushi Cosplay
Cosplay shot from DoKoMi '15

Shinkai C.N.: Kazu Li
Toudou C.N.: Freezing
Arakita C.N.: meh~

it was so much fun, I loved the make up and them eyebrows and this picture is one of my favourite pics from that day >////<
Hope you like it too~?


Natsumi-angel's Profile Picture
Natsu ^^
Hi everyone,

My name's Mandy, but you can call me Natsu. Most of my friends like to call me Mika, because of a previous account of me ^^
I live in Luxembourg, a very small but cute country :D
Hm, what can I tell 'bout me?
Well, I'm a very friendly person, who loves to laugh, play jokes and who likes to dance and to sing. Some people also call me a bit crazy |D"
I L.O.V.E asian stuff...anime, manga, the culture, the languages (especially japanese and korean), their music a.s.o
One of my favourite anime's are for example Higurashi no naku koro ni and Spice and Wolf ^^

I got into cosplay when I was 13, back then I just tried to get as much information as possible about this theme. I actually cosplay since...2010. I don't have a lot of cosplays yet, 'cause I don't have enough money to go every month to a convention or sew new costumes Dx" However I won't stop with cosplaying, especially 'cause my little brother started with it ^0^

Well enough said for so far.
If you have some questions feel free to ask, I'll do my best to answer all of them <3

Have a good day ♥

You can visit me @
NEW! facebook NEW!
Ask me

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Akina-chan-Cosplay Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2014  Hobbyist
vielen vielen Dank für das Fav Hug 
Akina-chan-Cosplay Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2014  Hobbyist
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Snowy-kun Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014
I really like those cosplays of yours! ^^
Natsumi-angel Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014
Thank you so so much! It means a lot to me x333~

If u wanna see more pics you can visit my facebook too~ It's still new x3
Snowy-kun Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014
You're very welcome! <3

I don't have Facebook :saddummy:
Natsumi-angel Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014
haha no prob ^-^=

It's justI'm pretty inactive here Dx
(1 Reply)
Mewn-san Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014
Hello! You have very nice cosplays >w< I'd like to get in to cosplaying too, do you have any advice? Like did you start out with a lot of experience in sewing, and is it okay to just use what you can find as a beginner? I'm 16 and don't but gosh all this you have here is all so inspiring, I'd love to start out but idk how >//<
Natsumi-angel Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2014
Hi there~ thank you so much and yes I welcome you in the cosplay scene~
Well first of all choose a character you like and who you know. Cosplay is about representing the character as good as possible...make him/her become to life~ that's rly important.
second, start with simple works when u plan to sew your own costume. School uniforms are good to start with ^^
third. Don't ever give up! Even if you aren't satisfied first just keep it up. Everyone begins one day and nobody is perfect even after 10 years of cosplay there are still points to learn~
fourth have fun...rly...don't stress yourself too much, don't think you have to be the best one, just have fun, show others how much fun you have x33
fith. Before visiting are con, start to think about typical poses of your does he/she pose in anime/manga. Try to copy this in front of a mirror. You'll see which poses look good and which not...also train your facial expressions...

For myself I've never sewn befor...I knew nothing...really..nothing XD I just tried and somehow it worked...I cried a lot XDDD but I never gave up. That's very important. When u plan to sew on your own, take your time...start...three months before a con at least. and yes it's okay. Nobody expects from u to be like a super pro since beginning XD and also it might help you to decide if u really want to become a cosplayer or not. If it don't make fun...don't cosplay...but I'm sure you will love it. You will learn from year to year more and more, so don't panik x3~ it's okay.
I also started when I was sixteen ^.~

and thank you so much, I'm happy that I can inspire people, because this hobby is absolutely gorgeous...sadly a lot of new cosplayers start to think 'I will become the best!' 'I will become famous' 'I'm better than xy' <- Cosplay IS NOT about that. it's not being the best or become Cosplay is there to make other happy seein their favourite anime characters come to life for one day. That's the real goal of cosplay...
and...remember...there will be people who might tell you 'stahp it' or so...but don't do it! I got a lot of such comments like 'you look so ridiculous' 'why do u even cosplay, just stop' but...I started to ignore them...Cosplay is my changed me and I'll never give up to make people happy... ^-^

hope I could help u a bit...
Mewn-san Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2014
Oooh thank you so much!! This helped a lot, really! <3
I actually found your page from your Karin cosplay because I was thinking of doing her too, 'cause Chibi Vampire is one of my favorite animes and it just seems like a good cosplay to start out with ^_^
Yep, there is an anime con that comes every year to my city and since I was 13 I would just gape at all the cool cosplayers ^^' It looks so fun!
I hope to learn how to sew too so that I could make my own Princess Tutu cosplay (because that's like my favorite thing ever~) So I can't wait to start, even if it's small, so I could reach my goal and then go further. I'll look up tutorials for sewing!!
Yep, I see a lot of my friends hoping to become better just for popularity. It goes for drawing too. Heck, I have some of those moments sometimes but then I realize I do what I do because it's what I love! And now I want to get into cosplay to have fun and make my favorite anime characters come to life!! <3
Again, thank you so much for this advice!
Natsumi-angel Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014
fuh~ I'm glad it helped u~ I'm no good in explanations especially in English hahaha~
Yes Karin is luv! She's so cute an yes~ I think it's a good cosplay to start with ^^ You'll learn how to sew all those basic skirts (which can be found like everywhere...most female characters have pleated skirts) you'll learn sewing T-shirts, collar and that...thing...above the t-shirt xDD haha (fail) and how to do wig, becaue her wig is kind of hard to actually style but I'm sure u gonna make it!
and yes~ I'm happy that u can enter into cosplay now and be part of that community and I hope for u that soon your dream will come true! <3
and that's good to see, that u found the real goal of cosplay~ If u only cosplay to become famous u won't become happy after all.
You're so welcome cutie! <3
(1 Reply)
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